Racing School

Unless you already have previous road racing experience, everyone starts their racing in Ontario by attending a driving school. Each year CASC-OR offers at least one school, usually at Shannonville Motosports Park. Brack Driving Concepts is a popular school among many drivers looking to enter competition racing.

Proof of graduation, a completed CASC Ontario Region licence application, a physical examination and medical form completed and signed by your doctor, and your club membership information must then be sent to the region office, along with the licence fee.

Safety Equipment

To race, you will need to be properly outfitted with personal safety equipment and you must always wear this when on track – random inspections are held and penalties could be issued if you are not properly dressed.

  • Three layer Nomex driving suit, or 2 layer Nomex Suit and full Nomex underwear

  • Nomex socks

  • Approved driving shoes/boots

  • Nomex Gloves

  • Nomex Balaclava

  • An SA2005 or SA2010 full face helmet – Snell sticker must be visible inside the helmet

  • HANS (Head and Neck Support Device)

  • Arm restraints

Membership and Rules

A membership to a local regional club is required for CASC eligibility. Most Formula 1200 drivers are a member of VARAC. A Formula 1200 Drivers Association (FTDA) membership is required to accumulate championship points. Lastly it is strongly recommend you familiarize yourself with all rules.