About the Canadian Formula 1200 Championship

F1200 is an open wheel single seat racing series that has been competing for over 50 years.

The strict formula rules are designed to promote driver development. A budget F1200 racer with an average mechanical ability can do routine maintenance and come to the track without a crew and be competitive using the same car year after year.

For the second year in succession F1200 drivers will compete in the VARAC scheduled event by racing in the formula classic group. These 6 race weekends make up the Canadian Formula 1200 Championship and are totaled for the final championship’s standings.

Racing costs are low because rule changes are rare, the F1200 racecars are rugged, inexpensive Volkswagen parts are used, are spec including Falken radials that last a season or more. Our cars have improved a great deal over the years, but our strength is that the basics haven’t changed. Major modifications are time consuming, expensive and usually reduce reliability.

Competitor’s ages vary from teenagers using F1200 as a steppingstone to veterans in their seventies. Racing is so close that often 3 or 4 cars finish within a second of one another providing an unparalleled learning experience per dollar spent for young drivers and excitement for all competitors. F1200 is a driver development class rather than a car development class.

The Series

The FTDA (Formula 1200 Drivers Association) series consists of 6 races weekends held at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park (CTMP) and Shannonville Motorsports Park (SMP). To qualify you must be a member of a recognized racing club as well as the FTDA.

A race weekend will usually consist of qualifying and 3 races. The races are usually 20 to 30 minutes in length. Although our cars can reach speeds in excess of 200 Kmh, the series emphasizes the driver’s ability rather than the car. It is about 90% driver and 10% car.

Car Specs

  • Class based on 1200 cc VW

  • Front Suspension, Transaxle, Engine, based of VW 1200cc

  • Wheel Base 83.5 inches

  • Track – Front 54.5 inches

  • Track – Rear 51.5 inches

  • Overall length 127 inches

  • Minimum Weight as raced including driver 1050 lbs

  • Gears 4 forward 1 reverse, – stock VW ratio

  • Engine 1200cc – air cooled VW

  • Bore 77mm

  • Stroke 64mm

  • Maximum RPM 6500

  • Horse Power 56 – 58

  • Top Speed 200 Kph +

  • Transaxle – Stock VW

  • Tires – series spec. tires 195/60 R14 Falken

  • Wheels – 14 inch x 6 inch