Is there an age restriction for drivers?2023-01-31T08:50:38-05:00

All drivers must be turning 16 during the racing schedule to obtain a license and compete in the Formula 1200 Championship. All drivers 45+ are also part of a Masters Championship.

What equipment does a new driver need?2023-01-31T08:51:47-05:00

Mandatory equipment for drivers are the following:

  • Helmet – SA Rated
  • Racing Suit (2 layer with underware or 3 layer)
  • Gloves and Shoes
  • Balaclava and Socks
  • Head and Neck Restraint
  • Arm restraint (recommended)
How many race weekends make up a full season?2023-01-31T08:58:06-05:00

There are 6 races weekends in the Canadian Formula 1200 Champions Series were season points are counted. A 7th weekend is added to the schedule at Shannonvile Motorsport Park but does not count towards the Canadian Formula 1200 Championship.

How does a new driver start?2023-01-31T13:24:45-05:00

All new drivers regardless of the route they take to race in the Canadian Formula 1200 Championship, purchasing their own car and maintain or the several arrive and drive services available several steps need to be completed. The steps are a way to help all new drivers enter the series with a clear plan. Click here for the 5 steps to help you get on your way to the starting grid. 5 Steps to get started.

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