Ownership Or Arrive and Drive

In addition to purchasing, maintaining, and towing your Formula 1200 race car, arrive and drive options are also available.

Please reach out to us via the contact page to inquire about the various arrive and drive options available to all drivers.

5 Steps to get started

All new drivers regardless of the route they take to race in the Canadian Formula 1200 Championship, purchasing their own car and maintain or the several arrive and drive services available the following 5 steps need to be completed. The steps are a way to help all new drivers enter the series with a clear plan.

  • STEP 1: Racing School

    The first and most important step to becoming a Formula 1200 driver is to attend an accredited racing school. Most past and present Formula 1200 drivers attend the Brack Driving Concepts “Racer Observation” and “Race Procedures” courses.
    2023 Dates: April 30, May 31, July 14, August 23, September 22, October 6
    Location: Shannonville Motorsport Park, Bellleville Ontario
  • STEP 2: Apply for your Racing License

    Congrats, you passed your racing school now lets apply for your racing license. All new road racing applicants will provide racing school certificate, completed medical form, and a digital passport size photo.

  • STEP 3: VARAC Membership

    Your almost there, lets make sure all your hard work gets you the memberships you need to compete. CASC requires you to be part of an affiliated club (VARAC).
  • STEP 4: FTDA Membership

    The Formula 1200 series requires you to be part of the FTDA to accumulate season points.
  • STEP 5: Race Entry

    Yes its time! Sign up for your first regional race! Create an account at Motorsport Reg and register!